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What I Do

I am the CEO of a creative, data-driven and women-led content marketing business, called Carmen Murray Communications (CMC) consisting out of a consortium of powerful award winnning women who collaborate across multiple disciplines to bring you incredible content and insights.

We work with some of the biggest global organisations and embrace a national footprint within finance, technology, FMCG, Retail and Media to name a few.

Our world of business has changed, and I strongly believe businesses should embrace the same change within, as without.  This is why we are doing business differently, because as futurists and specialists, without a doubt, the entrepreneurial space will take off exponentially, and we are here to thrive with change.

The way we collaborate is to ensure that clients don't absorb costs for services they don' t need by hiring permanent staff.  We operate successfully through collaboration. Tell us what you want, and we will bring some of the most incredible women together to see your vision through.  It's that simple! From Netnography, Film to Sensorial Event Productions.


Conscious LeadHERS is a community for high-potential women aiming to make a positive impact in the world, leading a new era from within. To transform society, the first step is to transform ourselves. As we authentically connect with life, ourselves, the world, and society, we initiate the process of social change.

In navigating the challenges of the 21st century, foresight intelligence, collective intelligence,creative intelligence, cultural intelligence, emotional intelligence, and spiritual intelligence are crucial for critical thinking amid systemic issues.

Observing the injustices and humanity's neglect and witnessing political and social instability, we, armed with our powerful voices, will fight with wisdom, knowledge, inquiry, collaboration, and co-action to propel humanity forward. It all begins with a conversation.

In a time dominated by apathy, we will be the bearers of hope. We can all instigate change by bravely confronting our internal fears, whether big or small – that is our inner work.
Externally, our mission is to drive impact within organizations, communities, and society at large, facilitating true transformation for everyone to thrive.
While our goals are ambitious, we believe that together, as women, we can achieve them. Through unity, creating a sisterhood where we hold each other accountable, provide support, and celebrate one another, we become part of something much larger than ourselves.

In our community we want to encourage women to live in balance with their feminity and masculinity. It is the era of soft and restoring our feminity has never been more important.

What to expect in this community:
Everything we create for our Conscious LeadHERS is based on the premise of our tagline ‘Audacious Inside-Out’ Here we create micro learning opportunities that include podcasts, events, activities, workshops, retreats that support your journey to live an audacious life from the inside out so that you may show up as the most authentic version of yourself.

This community is empowered by Carmen Murray Communications and lead by founder Carmen Murray.

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