Carmen Murray Biography 

Carmen Murray is the founder of Boo-Yah! a leading Modern Marketing Business that provides a number of initiatives to ensure businesses become Future Fit™. 

She is a marketing activist and torchbearer for Diversity and Inclusion and was recently recognised by Meltwater as the top Women in Tech, Africa, 2019.  

She received the most prestigious award,

a Black Pixel, IAB Bookmarks 2019 for her best individual contribution to Digital, Africa 2019. 

Murray has become a household name among business professionals and flying through the ranks as she applies robust approaches to help businesses become Future Fit™.  Her strong background in Content, Digital, Mobile, Innovation and Data Analytics, allows her to identify emerging trends and conceptualise disruptive marketing strategies, deployed with precision.

The customer and their needs are always at the heart of her approach.  

Carmen delivers thought-provoking keynotes to fuel creativity and inspire innovation. She has been a keynote speaker in over 40 countries and got to deliver over 250 masterclasses in 3 years to a combined audience of 11,000 business professionals.

She continues to be a popular panelist on both the local and international conference circuit.

Murray can also be found on the Digital Airwaves with her charting Podcast in Marketing:

The Carmen Murray Show | #FutureFit Yourself.  She interviews Activists, Storytellers, Celebrities, Newsmakers, and Business Experts across the globe.

She also collaborated with John Vlismas and started another podcast:

The IN with the TWO Outsiders.

Industry Contributions include MMA, IAB, DMA, MRMW, AMASA, BOGDM which includes GIBS, AAA School of Advertising, and an array of local and international business schools. She is also the exclusive representative of The Connected Marketer™ in Africa which includes courses on CX, UX, AI, Mobile to name a few. Carmen Murray also lectures at the University of Johannesburg. (UJ)

She served on the following councils:
* IAB: Innovation Council
* IAB: Education and Transformation Committee
* Representative of the Professional Body for Digital Practitioners in South Africa
* Faculty Member for RebaOne Academy

Carmen started a quarterly Future Fit™ Networking event, powered by Boo-Yah! and joined forces with the University of Johannesburg, Department of Marketing and Management to create an annual #MarketingFit Event for Marketing Professionals of South Africa.



  1. Fundamentals to Disrupt and Delight by activating Purpose  

  2. Fuel your Creativity and Inspire Innovation 

  3. The Connected Marketer TM

  4. The Role of AI in Marketing 

  5. Alexa, Bixby are you “Sirious”? 

  6. Best of Global Digital Marketing Case Studies 

  7. Future Fit for Africa 

  8.  "Eve" olution of Influence 

  9. Your Brand Sucks

  10. The Altruistic Culture 

  11. How to put the "Kapow" back into your Customer Experiences?

  12. Kiss, Bow and Shake Hands - Gender Equality

6 Reasons to book Carmen Murray



Carmen's big passionate personality and presentation style will energise your event whether a few or thousands of spectators and put the KAPOW back into your business.



Carmen's keynotes come with a powerful punch and they will challenge you, give you a fresh perspective and will bring knowledge that is easy to understand, actionable and entertaining.




Carmen's shows an accurate and deep understand on a wide range of topics and finds a way to bring it together in a colourful and meaningful way.




Carmen will leave a fire in your belly with her creative approach to fuel your creativity and inspire innovation.   Murray is known as the Case Study Hunter and Imagineer and will deliver a keynote packed with case studies, stats and stories to build a connection with the audience and stimulate a tsunami of ideas. 


Can Do

Carmen is approachable, professional and easy to work with.  She is an expert in her field and will tailor her topic to suit the needs of your event theme or create a bespoke keynote.


Future Fit TM

Carmen's is a change agent and passionate about the future and monitors the rapidly changing world of Technology, Innovation,  Marketing, and Culture to help brands see the fantastic future that's already here.  She gives a roadmap to prepare for tomorrows realities and become future fit.