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Curious about all things Authentic Leadership, Sustainability, Women Empowerment, Marketing

and Creativity



Since childhood, Carmen has never shied away from daring to be different and stand out from the crowd. Her unique approach to problem-solving became the driving force behind her meteoric rise as a giant of the South African marketing landscape, eventually leading to the point where she founded Carmen Murray Communications in 2021. Along the way, Carmen's path has been an exhilarating whirlwind spanning several continents and earning her a cascade of accolades to affirm her place as a true luminary in business and marketing.

Today, her main goal is to help other women harness their dormant power to kick down doors and break ceilings – and this is what her latest innovation, Conscious LeadHERship, is all about.  



Certainly the most transformative aspect of our work together, was the work we did on a five part webinar series called HERstory HER voice - a programme designed to empower women to amplify their (and each other’s) voice using their extraordinary stories and the power of social media. Over 500 women from NTT and Dimension Data across the globe joined these sessions presented live by Carmen. The sessions were heart warming, informative and empowering; leaving everyone inspired and motivated to make a difference and use their voice to uplift others.

Carmen is a force for good, I will always look back at the work we did together with pride.

—  Marisa Jansen van Vuuren,  CMO Dimension Data an NTT Company

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